Stephen A. is so solid (by ESPN1stTake)

When we talk about the American dream, you know who I think about? Myself.

Queens, New York City, left back in the fourth grade, grew up poor, the lever of education that I had was a public school system, I ultimately graduate from high school, I go to a historically black institution like Winston-Salem State University, I graduate with honors, there is no journalism program, I still graduate with honors, I still beat out thousands of people to get an internship that ultimately transitions from a career at the New York Daily News to the Philadelphia Enquirer to CNN and Fox Sports and ultimately ESPN, and I’m on national TV everyday. Get paid pretty well I might add, and I’m thinking about the fact that where did I come from? This is the road you’ve got to climb. Everybody can’t be Jay-Z. That’s one in a billion. Everybody can’t be Shaq and Kobe. That’s one in a billion. But you can be Stephen A. Smith. Educate yourself. Work hard. Do what you have to do. Pound that pavement. Be about the business about going for yours and understanding what you have to do to work through the political minefields that wait for you at every step of your life. People don’t get that.”



Born Ready had the internet jumpin’ last night.